S.R.T. Med-Staff, 2 Bloor Street West, 28th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 3E2 Tel: 416 968 0833 / 1 800 650 2297. Fax: 416 968 3652 Canadian Owned and Operated since 1981. Fully Accredited



Since 1981, S.R.T. Med-Staff has been a trusted leader in the health care community with a reputation for excellence in quality of care and delivery of service. We provide a comprehensive range of nursing and personal support services for hospitals, health care facilities and home care clients throughout the Greater Toronto Area. For over 30 years, S.R.T. Med-Staff has been ranked #1 by nurses in Toronto in a number of key areas:

• #1 for best overall agency to work for
• #1 for having the best quality health care professionals
• #1 for having the best specialty nurses
• #1 for offering the best variety of shifts
• #1 for having the best employment packages

That is why our people are in such high demand. Health care facilities know they can trust S.R.T. Med-Staff personnel to provide an exceptional level of care and personal attention. That is why S.R.T. Med-Staff is the largest provider of facility and specialty staff in the GTA.

CALL US NOW AT 416 968 0833 OR 1 800 650 2297

S.R.T. Med-Staff is Canadian owned and operated and is accredited by Accreditation Canada.  

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